How To Replace a Medical Marijuana Card in Vermont

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Can I Replace My Vermont Medical Marijuana Card?

Vermont has no provisions for replacement medical marijuana cards. Common reasons anyone may want to replace a medical cannabis card is if it is lost, stolen, or damaged.

Do I Need to Report a Lost or Stolen Vermont Medical Marijuana Card?

No. Registered medical cannabis patients need not report lost or stolen medical marijuana cards because the state has no provisions for replacing them.

How to Get a Replacement Medical Marijuana Card in Vermont

There is no provision for the replacement of Vermont medical marijuana cards. However, any cardholder whose medical cannabis card goes missing or is stolen in the state can contact the state’s Cannabis Control Board (CCB). They will most likely be advised to apply for a new registry identification card.

Cost of a Vermont Medical Marijuana Replacement Card

There is no provision for replacing medical marijuana cards in Vermont. Anyone requesting for a replacement card will likely pay the same fee as for a new card.

How Long to Get a Replacement Vermont Medical Marijuana Card?

Vermont does not replace lost, damaged, or stolen registry identification cards. However, if applying for a new card, it will be issued within 30 days after the application.

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